Lets Make Some Content!
Ep. 10

Lets Make Some Content!

Episode description

Josh’s first week with Ubuntu has been troublesome.

  • Automagic suspend causing system to hang and crash
  • NetworkManager randomly stopping? But no error output in journald
  • Kernel panics
  • Ubuntu app store being unable to install debs (I swapped to gnome-software which installs snaps, debs and flatpaks fine).
  • ZFS support is definately hacky callback ton 2.5 Admins (so we’re not constantly shilling Brodie) episode 192 for how it should be done.
  • https://2.5admins.com/2-5-admins-192/

GnomeOS has a graphical installer that their resuming work on?


Content Creation on Linux is not as bad as you think it is. But it’s definitely not perfect either.

General Tools


Screen Recording

SimpleScreenRecorder/GPU Screen Recorder/Kooha

Camera Recording


Audio Recording and Editing


Video Editing

Kdenlive/Openshot/Shotcut/Flowblade/Davinci Resolve

Photo Editing


3D Modeling




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